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Kim Ward grew up in Wisconsin and at a very young age she realized that there was something very special about her and that there was a mission and purpose for her life, which is undeniable. She spent time traveling around the world and started to realize that there more to life than what was in Wisconsin and as she met people in her travels she developed the burning desire to do and be more. It wasn’t until she was an adult that a burning passion inside her started to erupt and moved her to start writing children’s books, after which she was hooked.

Her friends always told her that she had the gift of gab and from that “The Chick Gab Chick” was born and sub-sequence website taking her into a whole new dimension of love and relationships. With her website “” gaining in popularity she started writing weekly articles for Ezine Articles quickly becoming a Platinum Expert Author with thousands reading her articles weekly and a large following on Twitter and her website. She was approached by Meet Market Adventure, North America’s largest singles adventure group with over 1.2 million members, to write weekly articles for their site and members.

In 2010 Kim joined the ChattinIn Manhattan show as a regular host interviewing authors and experts in the areas of relationships, love, dating, success, and survival. With over a 100 interviews under her belt she continues to be a driving force bringing energy and enthusiasm and driving the show to new highs.

In 2011 Kim published two books “Dating with Swagger” and “Sexy Men and How To Date Them”. Also in 2011 she presented her first event, Dating Mastery, bringing together experts nationally and internationally. Kim’s career also moved into a new realm with off the air interviews with the casts of Discovery Channel TV, Dual Survivor and Oddities! Kim is also the co-founder of a new technology called “The KODE” that helps any individual to shift and transform their lives by overcoming their fears THE KODE is a worldwide phenomenon.

Kim is currently working on new projects with her ChattinIn Manhattan host partner Garth Sandiford, which will transform the lives of many. Her greatest passion is to cause a shift in others that come in contact with her to live and fulfill their life’s purpose.  Kim resides in Wisconsin with her husband Greg of over 11 years and their two kids Jordan and Kallie.

Kim’s Mission:

The purpose of my life is to bring light to my soul and the souls of others, to bring strength to those who feel weak, to bring compassion and love where it's needed, to live free of boundaries. Exploring and writing about the wonders that God has created, so I can share it with others who are not living free, and to embrace all that is unknown in order to discover the real meaning behind the spirit that is the soul.



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